A Surrealistic Escape


Harry Lora, a digital artist from Córdoba, Argentina, started his surrealistic journey four years ago with his friends along with the radio show about music, movies, series and stuff they liked to share with regular and ordinary people. So he started making flyers to promote every show. They began gaining some popularity and after travelling around Asia and Europe he decided to become a digital artist and share his work with everybody. He realized that he has been keen on design and art stuff all his life, since he was a little boy, spending more time designing cars and team uniforms on videogames rather than playing with them. Having a degree in Audiovisual Communication, he is also passionate about music, soccer and art.
He named himself MONDRIX after his two pet dogs siMONa and henDRIX.
Fasten up your seat belts and be ready for the take off, it’s gonna be an amazing, surrealistic ride!
More info: Mondrix


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