Rare Photos Of NYC Underground In The 70’s And 80’s a.k.a “Hell On Wheels”


Back at the start of the 80’s, Willy Spiller captured series of photos from NY subway system, which has come to be known as ‘Hells On Wheels’. Those photos depicted everyday life on one of the most dangerous places back at the end of 70’s and early 80’s, place where we haven’t chance to live in.
Swiss photgrapher, then resident of NYC, caught with the lens of his camera some of truly unbeliavable moments which came to the light at 1984, when he named his collection. ‘Hells On Wheels’ had it’s glory restored in 2016, when Sturm & Drang publishers put Spiller’s work to print in a limited edition series of hardcover, vivid colour coffee table books.
 “Willy Spiller doesn’t discover darkness in the underground but rather an idiosyncratic, vivid realm of its own.” Dr. Tobia Bezzola writes in the book’s chilling forward.
Try to revive those moments through these beautiful photos. Enjoy…
More info: Bored Panda 

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