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There is a saying:  ‘Eyes are the windows to the soul.’,  so are windows the eyes of the house? Joke aside, for Portuguese photographer André Vicente Gonçalves windows are the eyes of the world. This photographer started a quite interesting project. Few years ago he started photographing windows. “I’ve always had a curiosity about windows,” said Gonçalves.
He also added: “I find it amusing that a small piece of glass between the interior and exterior gives us the feeling of security.”
Motivated by this view, the photographer decided to create a photo series entitled “Windows of the World” to show how this architectural feature differs across different parts of the world.
Source: huffingtonpost

Windows of the World – London, England

Windows of the World – Montemor-o-Novo, Portugal

Windows of the World – Notting Hill, London, England

Windows of the World – Santa Susana, Portugal

Windows of the World – Sesimbra, Portugal

Windows of the World – Barcelona, Spain

Windows of the World – Brasov, Romania

Windows of the World – Bucharest, Romania

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